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Licensed course - Learning with iQualify
Licensed course - Learning with iQualify

Organisations can license a short course created by us to help orientate their learners to using iQualify.

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We have created a course aimed at learners which walks learners through some of the key features of a course in iQualify and finding their way around.

What does the course cover?

The course covers navigation around an iQualify course including key areas on a learners left menu such as Contents, Tasks, Notes, Search, Talk. It also covers things like resetting their own non-assessed tasks and how they can view feedback on their tasks.

How do I get the course?

The account owner for your organisation can get in touch with us to request a licensed copy of the course.

Understanding licensing

A licensed course is a linked copy of the course that your organisation can make class activations from. It will automatically receive any updates to content that our team at iQualify make so you'll always have the latest version without having to do anything.

Your organisation can personalise things like the overview, cover photo, dates and badge. However, in order to keep the course automatically updated, your organisation cannot edit the content of the course.

We do welcome feedback on the course to keep improving it for everyone.

How do I create a Learning with iQualify class for my learners?

A manage user will see the course on their Create dash. From there, they can create a class activation.

Things to think about before creating classes for Learning with iQualify

Will you have a badge?

We recommend including the option for learners to have a badge, this will need to be set up when you are creating the class activation.

If you choose not to add a badge, please be sure to customise the overview to remove the mention of the badge.

How will you facilitate the course?

We recommend that the course be facilitated and that social features are left turned on for this course as it allows learners to try out all the social tools. For this reason, you may need to think about if and how this course might be facilitated by your team.

For a great first experience learning with your organisation, your learners might benefit from facilitation in these key areas:

  • A first post to a talk channel, introducing the facilitator(s) and welcoming them to the course.

  • Acknowledgement and encouragement of their contribution to the in page discussion (on the page called In page discussions).

  • Short feedback to acknowledge their answers on the Flavours of online learning task (on the Your own learning experiences page). This helps learners to see how they will get feedback on tasks in their future courses.

  • Answering any questions or continuing discussion in the social notes. You can use Activity feed (on the left course menu) to easily see where social notes have been added.

How will you enrol learners?

Do you want to only enrol specific learners or enrol all learners? If only enrolling some learners, how will you identify which learners to enrol?

If enrolling a large number of learners, we recommend limiting each class activation to 200 learners to manage facilitation. As you're likely to offer this Learning with iQualify course to first time learners, it might make sense to enrol learners based on their programme of study e.g. all Diploma of Business learners. Or you might choose to create classes based on when those learners enrolled e.g. a Jan-March class.

Our team are more than happy to talk through options to help you manage this, just get in touch.

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