The Hyflex course template

A course template for authors using the Hyflex blended learning model.

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What is hyflex?

Hyflex is a blended learning model that aims to offer up these three options or versions of the course for every single course component:

  • In person, synchronous

  • Online, synchronous

  • Online, asynchronous

To find out more about Hyflex, check out our blog post on the Hyflex blended learning model.

What's in the Hyflex course template?

In the Hyflex template we've included advice on how you can set the page up to suit each of the different ways your learners can join. For instance, in the image below you can see we’ve got options for those learners joining live and online (online, synchronous), and later online (online, asynchronous). Of course the learners in class don’t need to “join” as they’re already right there with the teacher.

Screenshot of instructions for live and online and later and online learners with an uploaded video for the later and online learners.

We have included template pages and links to ideas and examples for a range of typical learning activities:

  • Readings and resources

  • Tasks and feedback

  • Discussions and groupwork

These pages then reference an Appendix full of example tasks for the different types of tasks and discussions you might want to use (see image below).

Structure of the Appendix: 1.1.1 Introducing the Appendix, 1.2 Example tasks to accompany pre-reading/watching 1.2.1 Pre-reading/watching tasks 1.2.2 Reflecting on a resource 1.2.3 Summarising a resource 1.2.4 Predict, prior knowledge, purpose 1.2.5 Reading/watching with a purpose 1.2.6 Finding evidence from a resource 1.2.7 Making connections to what we already know 1.3 Example class discussion strategies, 1.3.1 Discussion tasks Think, pair, share 1.3.2 Continuum 1.3.3 Affinity mapping/Categorising 1.3.4 Discussion stations 1.3.5 Speed-dating 1.3.6 Snowball discussion 1.4 Example summarising tasks 1.4.1 I learned... 1.4.2 I'm reminded of... 1.4.3 I'd like to know...

Filling in the rest of the weeks

This general structure or approach you’ve used in Week 1 can then be repeated for each subsequent week. You can even use starred pages to add in a copy of the relevant pages to save you time.


As with all our templates, this template is entirely customisable. You can change all the text, tasks and images to suit your particular context.

For instructions on where to find these templates, check out How to use a template.

If this particular template isn't quite right for you, why not check out our full list of iQualify templates, or, create your own!

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