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How to navigate your course and understand your course view
How to navigate your course and understand your course view

Learn how to navigate your course and understand your course view for facilitators

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The facilitator course view

On your course Dashboard, what you see as a facilitator is similar to that of a learner, only on your course card you will see the button Facilitate instead of Continue course.

When you select Facilitate, you will be taken to the Class Console for the course. The Class Console menu icon will be highlighted in your left navigation menu.

The Class Console has information at a glance in the tiles (pictured above), and also contains Learners, Marking, Pulses and Insights tabs to allow you to dive deeper into the data. For more information on how to use the Class Console, see the article here.

How to use the course navigation menu

The facilitator navigation menu is found to the left of your course page, and includes several items that learners don’t see: Class Console, Activity feed, and Add to this course.

Image shows the Facilitator course navigation menu, with the more menu also open.

A summary of the menu items are as follows:

  • My courses: Takes you to the Dashboard view with your courses displayed as course cards.

  • Class Console: Showcases information in tiles and tabs about your learners, other facilitators, coaches, and course.

  • Contents: Allows you to see the sections, subsections and pages that make up your course.

  • Search: Search your course to find a particular term for example.

  • Talk: Where you can communicate with your learners in private or public channels depending on what your organisation has enabled.

  • Activity feed: Shows any new social notes (from the Discuss this tab).

  • Add to the course: Add an external LTI tool or Webpage to your course.

  • Downloads: Shows course files and videos (if uploaded) available to download.

  • Notes: Search for private notes you have made on the content.

  • Tasks: Shows all non-assessed and assessed tasks in your course.

Other items you can navigate to

To the left of your avatar you can navigate to three other items: Pulses, Notifications and Language selector.

Image shows the other items you can navigate to highlighted in the top right hand side of the screen.

Pulses allow you to send out a real-time poll (pulse) for learners to complete over a set amount of time.

Notifications show you which of your learners have made submissions or posts. You'll also get notified about certain actions. You can set up different preferences for when you'll get an email (talk channel posts, assessed task submissions etc.) via your Profile.

With the Language selector you can choose to view the online learning platform text in either English or Te Reo Māori.

See it in action

If you want to see it in action, check out the video below.

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