If you are responsible for managing your organisation's IQualify settings in iQualify you can set a list of default talk channels which will automatically appear in any new course offering. This allows you to set a consistent experience across your courses for your learners. 

Managers can still remove, edit or set new channels at an offering level to allow for any course specific requirements. 

To do this click on your profile picture and select iQualify Settings. Using the left hand menu navigate to Talk channels nestled under Feature settings.

Here you can add, edit or remove your default talk channels. You can also choose to make a channel broadcast only. This means that only facilitators can start posts in this channel, however learners can post replies.

Removing a talk channel won't remove it from current offerings, but will remove it from the default talk channels available for all future activations.

Private support channel

Here is also where you can set the default settings and customise the name for your private support channel. Managers will be able to override the default if required when setting up each course offering.

Talk channels - engaging with your learner
Private talk channels

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