By default, a Team Member's account will be locked mobile/tablet device when they first log into that device. 

When a Team Member  is logged into one device and if they try to log into another device they will get this error message:

"You are currently logged into another device with your user account. To switch device, please log into your registered device, upload any completed jobs and log out. Please contact your administrator for more information"

If a Team Member tries to log into a device which already has a Team Member logged in, they will get this error message:

"Warning! A user is already logged into this device. By selecting 'Yes' you will log the user out and delete any job data on the device. Are you sure you wish to continue"

The Team Member has the option to select 'No' to cancel or by selecting 'Yes' they will log in on the device which will wipe of all the previous Team Member's Job data on the app. Please note - Team Members' must be careful not to inadvertently wipe another Team Member's data.

How Device Locking works for an Admin User?

Through the web dashboard, you can view all your Team Members and see whether they are locked or unlocked to a device.

In some instances a Team Member may not be able to log themselves out of a device in order to log into a new device (i.e. have lost their device). As an Admin you can unlock the Team Member from a device allowing them the ability to sign into a new device. 

Follow the steps below if you need to allow a Team Member to log into a new device:

Navigate to All Team Members and select 'Edit' on the particular Team Member

Navigate to Access Settings > Device Management and switch the toggle to 'Yes'

You will now be presented with a range of pop ups with instructions as follows:

Step 1. You will need to confirm that the Team Member has completed and uploaded all Jobs on the device they are looking to switch from. You will also need to ensure that the Team Member has logged out of the device. Any In Progress Jobs left on the device will be retrieved and sent back to the Assigned Job grid on the web dashboard once the unlock process has started.

To start the unlock process, select 'Next'. To cancel, select 'Cancel'

Step 2. Any In Progress Jobs left on the device will be reassigned from their device back to the Assigned Job Grid on the Web Dashboard. These jobs will be immediately retrieved once the Team Member logs into their new device and performs a sync.

To continue with the unlock, select 'Reassign'

Step 3. The final step is a confirmation to complete the unlock. Select 'Complete' to continue or 'Cancel' to exit the unlock process.

Unlock complete. You can now communicate with the Team Member to advise them that they are now free to register to a new device.

When the Team Member registers with a new device the status will be update and will show as locked against the Team Member.

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