Pending Jobs are jobs that have been completed by the field team member on the Klipboard mobile app and can now be reviewed for admin completion in the office. For more information on Klipboard job statuses Click Here

If you do not require the Pending job status, Klipboard gives you the option of allowing your team members to bypass the Pending status and move the job straight to Completed, by turning on AutoComplete for the team member.


If this feature is turned on, you will not be able to make any admin edits to the job as it has been automatically marked as completed. Therefore if you need to admin edit jobs please continue to use Pending status.

To turn on the AutoComplete navigate to Team > All Team Members > Edit Team Member > Access Settings > Team Member Job Settings > Switch the AutoComplete Pending Jobs toggle to Yes.

When AutoComplete Pending Jobs is on, all jobs completed by this team member on their mobile device will bypass the Pending status.

Repeat the same steps for any other user who needs to have the functionality.

Please note, if you have Quoting and Invoice functionality and if a Job is set to remind you to invoice the client, the particular Job will remain in Pending and will not AutoComplete. To avoid this, when creating a Job be sure to switch off the invoice reminder to allow for auto Complete.

To Set up Automated Client Follow-up Emails upon job completion, please see below:

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