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Jobs that are Assigned to a Mobile Team Member

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Below are Jobs that have been created and assigned to a field team member.  Once they perform a sync on the mobile app, the below Jobs will move to 'In Progress'.

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Actions On Jobs

By selecting the View or Action buttons you can edit Job (change Job details), change field team member assigned or Unassign Job, which will send the job to the unassigned status grid.

Unassign a Single Job using the Web Dashboard

Provided that your Team Member has not yet completed and synced any of the forms for a job on their mobile device, you can Unassign this job using the Web Dashboard.

We can check this by going into the job using the Web Dashboard and choosing the Workflow Forms tab.

The below screenshot shows that the tick next to the form is still greyed out, so this Team Member has not yet completed the form and/or synced it.

This means we can click "Actions" in the top right corner and choose "Unassign" from the dropdown menu.

This will move the job from "In Progress" to "Unassigned". You can find it by using the "Unassigned" filter on the main Jobs page.

Bulk Unassign Jobs using the Web Dashboard

To bulk unassign jobs using the Web Dashboard, the jobs will have to be in Assigned status and not In Progress. Once In Progress, you will need to either unassign each of the jobs individually or get your Team Members to reject the jobs using their Mobile Application.

Using the "Assigned" filter on the main Jobs page you can filter and choose all of the jobs you wish to unassign. Then click "Unassign Selected Jobs". These jobs will then appear under the "Unassigned" filter on the main Jobs page.

Reject a Single Job using the Mobile Application

If you need to Unassign a job once it's been synced down to your Team Member's mobile device (whether forms have been completed or not) your Team Member will need to use the "Reject Job" option within their Klipboard App.

To reject a single job they will need to go into the job and click the Reject Job option highlighted below.

Reject All jobs using the Mobile Application

To reject all of the jobs assigned to this Team Member they need to go to the Settings menu which they can access by clicking the 3 lines in the top left-hand corner of their screen.

Then navigate to Settings and choose "Reject all jobs".

When confirmed an admin will be made aware and all of the previously assigned jobs can be found in the "Unassigned" area of the Jobs screen within the Web Dashboard.

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