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Navigating The Klipboard App and Performing The First Time Sync.

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Klipboard is available to download on both iOS & Android devices, giving full mobility within any field team. Whether field team members use a company device or their own, the Klipboard iOS & Android apps give your field team everything they need to complete jobs in the field.

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App Dashboard Menu

Once your Team Members are logged in to the Klipboard App they will be presented with the App Dashboard.

The App Dashboard gives your Team Members an overview of all of the jobs that have been assigned to them specifically and synced to their specific mobile device.

Sync Jobs

The Sync Jobs button will download up-to-date job information assigned to the Team member. Information such as scheduled Jobs, Assets, Inventory Products & Services, etc, will sync to their mobile device providing they have a suitable data connection.

Once a Team Member syncs their device, the date and time of the sync will be updated and displayed on the Sync Jobs button and the Jobs assigned will move to In Progress status that is visible on the Web Dashboard.

A few things to note regarding the First Time Sync:

  • Keep the app open during the sync process. The first time sync may take longer than subsequent syncs as there is more data to process initially. Due to the amount of data and the strength of the data connection.

  • Ensure there is a stable/accessible data connection prior to sync.

  • You can set the number of days of how far in advance a Team Member will receive scheduled jobs to their calendar on the Klipboard iOS or Android Mobile / Tablet app. A useful benefit here is that by managing the sync you have the option (if needed) to reassign future Jobs beyond the sync period to other Team Members. For more information on how to set the Team Member App Sync Settings on the Web Dashboard please click here.

Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled Jobs are jobs that have been assigned to the Team Member that have been allocated a specific start/end date and time. Tapping on the Scheduled Jobs button will display the calendar:

The Scheduled jobs calendar automatically defaults to today's date. Any jobs Scheduled for today's date will be displayed under the calendar:

Jobs that have been scheduled for any date other than today are easily identified on the calendar as they are marked by a coloured dot on the date:

To view jobs scheduled for any day simply tap on the desired date and all jobs scheduled for that date will be visible on the calendar.

Unscheduled Jobs

Unscheduled Jobs, as the name suggests, are jobs that have been created and assigned to a Team Member, but no specific date and time have been allocated to the job.

As Unscheduled Jobs do not have dates associated with them they are not displayed in a calendar view like Scheduled Jobs, they are displayed in a list as per below to allow Team Members to select the jobs as and when required:

Team Members can tap on the magnifying glass icon above the list of Unscheduled Jobs to search for jobs using Name, Location or Workflow as search parameters.

Mobile Notifications

Notifications sent from the Klipboard Web Dashboard will be displayed at the top right of the screen when you see the following symbol:

By tapping on the notifications symbol, your Team Members will be able to view any direct or group messages that have been sent to them from the Web Dashboard as per below:

For more information on how to get the most out of Notifications click here.

Mobile Side Menu

The Mobile Side Menu is displayed at the top left of the Mobile App screen and is identified by the icon below:

The Mobile Side Menu offers a range of user-specific information a the touch of a button! The Menu shows:

  • The Name of the user logged in to the device. Please be aware we only permit one login to one mobile device at one time. For more information on device management please click here.

  • An at a glance look at the number of Jobs synced to the device, green for Scheduled Jobs, purple for Unscheduled Jobs & red for recently completed Jobs.

  • A link to the Mobile Dashboard.

  • A link to all available Scheduled Jobs.

  • A link to all available Unscheduled Jobs.

  • A link to the Team Members Notifications.

  • A superb Tour of the Klipboard app offering Team Members a detailed overview of the Mobile App processes from start to finish!

  • A link to the Mobile App Settings, which gives you the opportunity to send feedback to Klipboard, Reject all of your Jobs, Reset the device Pin Code and find out the App Version Number.

  • A button to safely log out of the Klipboard App. When logging out of the app the following warning will be displayed "Please Note: If you log out of this device and decide to log into another device with your user account, any completed jobs not uploaded will be lost. Please sync any completed jobs before switching to another device." For more information on switching devices please click here.

Optional Depending On App Permission Settings Granted To The Team Member

  • Creating Jobs on the Mobile App, for more information click here.

  • Clients: The option to view/create Clients, Client Locations and Notes, for more information, click here.

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