GPS Live Tracking
Locate your Team Members in the field in real time
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Through our Live Tracking functionality you can see the Klipboard mobile app team member's GPS Location and also receive a live status feed to get real time data on whether your engineers are en-route, arrived, started and/or completed their assigned jobs. 

In order for Live Tracking data to be sent to the Web Dashboard a mobile app team member must have the Klipboard app open or running in the background. This will ensure you can see their realtime GPS location.

This level of visibility allows for you to adjust jobs accordingly, or perhaps assign the Job to a nearby field worker to do a new last minute job. 

Live Tracking gives you a number of filters such as what stage of the job they are at: 

  • En Route

  • Arrived

  • Job Started 

  • Job Completed

This view will automatically update every 60 seconds but to get an instant update select the 'Refresh' option

Additionally with map filters you can filter based on Job Status, whether the Jobs are scheduled over the next week etc. as well the option to also show active and inactive clients on the map.

You can also see a specific team member or group of team member using the filter option.

At any point you can message a team member directly from within Live Tracking. To send a team member a message simply click on a field workers location and send them a notification message which they will receive on the app.

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