The Klipboard Form PDF Template Designer can be used to design the output of the Mobile Workflow Forms that have been created on the Mobile Form Builder. The data captured by the Klipboard Mobile or Tablet App Team Member on Jobs will then be outputted in PDF format designed to look just like your current paper or PDF forms.  

When you first try to edit a form, Klipboard will generate a default template which can be adapted or deleted entirely. Any changes you make to the output design must be saved for changes to take effect.

**Please note this video does not have any speech audio but does contain subtitles explaining each step**

Short Highlight Videos

Update Logo on PDF Template

Clear Existing Text Within a Component Field and Add New Text Component

Add static Text on PDF Template

Add a New Section and Drag to Position on PDF Template

Add A Heading To A Section On PDF Template

PDF Template Designer Controls

When designing the output for your form you can decide on whether your report has a cover page and how many pages there are within the body of the report. In terms of style, your form can be the standard portrait view or landscape view.

GENERAL FIELDS: Automated Data fields

Klipboard automates much of the data which can be added to the output. You can drag and drop any of the basic fields into your output. For example:

  • Company Fields - i.e. company name and address.
  • Job Standard Fields - i.e. signature captured and date completed.
  • Client Fields -  i.e. client name and address.
  • Location Field - i.e. location name and address of where job was completed.
  • Team Member Fields - i.e. team member full name.


All the data which was built on the form using the Form Builder can be dragged and dropped onto your output.


You can manually add additional sections where data can be added. You can add text fields and images within a section.


All data added onto the output can be formatted. You can change the color of the text and the color of the background. You can also format text font, size and spacing as well as adjust the alignment of data.

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