The mobile workflow form builder allows you to pull in all of your configured client asset register information on to your custom forms.

With the inclusion of just one component, all of your configured client asset register information becomes selectable on your workflow form. Once the "Asset Selector" component is added to your mobile workflow form, you can then select the information you require, such as the Asset Name, Serial Number etc, and add it to the PDF output of your form.

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Form Builder: Add Asset Selection To Your Form

To add Asset Select to your form, drag the "Assets Select" component from the Assets & Inventory section of components on the left-hand side of the screen. Then drag this component to the centre of the screen and place it where you want the option to appear on the app. When the component is placed then name it as you see fit, in the example above we have given it the title "Select Asset."

Once the Asset Selection is added to your mobile workflow form and you are ready to proceed, click on the Save button. Now you can proceed to the Design PDF Template and design the output of the asset information.

PDF Template Designer Builder: Add Asset Information Output Fields

Once you have created your mobile workflow form with the Asset Selection, it is a case of simply dragging the Asset section to the area you want it displayed on the PDF Template.

Navigate to the Form Builder Fields and expand the asset component to show all of your available asset register information that can be automatically displayed on the PDF output.

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