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Edit The Data Entered Into Your Workflow Forms By Team Members On The Mobile App.

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If you would like to edit, update or add to the information captured on your workflow forms by your mobile team members, you can do so by using our Admin Edit feature.

Admin Edit gives you the option of either reassigning the original workflow form to any team member with mobile access to update or editing the workflow form data from the web dashboard, without losing your original signatures from the form.

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Admin Edit On The Mobile App

Editing a Job using "Admin Edit", you can simply select which App Team Member that will perform the edits on the app while retaining the option to keep the existing signature.

Admin Edit will avoid the need to reschedule or attach any documents which would be the case with a Reassigned Job. Admin Edits are made via the mobile app as that is what the form data was captured upon.

If you need to Admin Edit a Job, navigate to the Pending Grid and on the Job select Action > Admin Edit.

A pop-up will appear allowing you to select the team member you wish to edit the Job.

  • By default, the Admin Edit will store the signature recorded at the point of initial Job completion. You can override this by moving the toggle to No. 

  • You can also leave updated Job notes. 

  • When done, select Submit.

  • The Job will now be assigned to the specified Team Member for Admin Edit and for syncing to the Klipboard mobile app. The normal process applies i.e. app team member syncs to the mobile app, completes Job and syncs back up to the Web Dashboard.

  • Once synced back to the web dashboard it will appear in Pending, you can update the Team Member Assigned back to the original Team Member who completed the job by clicking Actions > Change Team Member.

  • Then click Actions > Regenerate PDF so that the Team Member name gets updated on the PDF output.

Admin Edit On The Web Dashboard

Once your mobile team members have completed their job and synced to the web dashboard, you will be able to use the admin edit on the web dashboard while the job is in Pending status.

You can edit a workflow on the web dashboard by navigating to the job in question, clicking the actions button and selecting the Edit Form option beside the workflow form you wish to edit.

Once you have clicked on Edit Form on the web dashboard, a sidebar will appear, displaying the input values of the form in question for you to edit, please see below:

Admin Edit will avoid the need to reschedule or attach any documents which would be the case with a Reassigned Job.

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