Mobile Form Groups is a feature allowing you to create multiple groups and then allowing you to add a range of your mobile workflow forms to that group along with rules for completion on the job.

Completion Order Setting

Mobile forms within a group can have a set order of completion for the forms.

  • Simply drag and drop the forms within the table

Therefore on a job, you can determine what order forms within the group must be completed by your field team member on the app. A good example of this would be the completion of a Risk Assessment form first before being able to move on to complete the next form within the group.

Faster Job Creation
Utilising Mobile Form Groups will improve the efficiency and speed of creating jobs on the web dashboard. It enables you to select a group of forms when creating the job. Selecting a group you have created, will automatically select the chosen mobile workflow forms within that group, meaning there is no need to individually select each form every time you create a specific job. Great for those jobs that always require a specific group of forms every time.

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