Create Jobs On The Mobile App

Creating A Job From The Mobile App.

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You can grant your Team Members permission to Create Jobs on the Mobile app. This permission is set at a Team Member level, meaning you can grant or refuse access as you require. For more information on Team Permissions click here.

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Create A Job On The Mobile App

Once a Team Member has been granted the required permissions via the web dashboard (log out of the mobile app and login again for permission updates to take effect) the option to Create New Job will be visible from the Mobile App Menu.

When the Team members tap on 'Create New Job' they will be prompted to enter all of the following information:

  • Enter Job Name - This will be used for display on the job and all corresponding documentation such as Workflow Forms, etc.

  • Select a Category - The Category(s) associated with the job.

  • Select a Workflow - The Workflow form required for the Job. If required, additional Workflow forms can be added to the Job once created.

  • Select a Client - The Client that the Job is required for.

  • Select Location(s) - The location(s) that the job is required for. By selecting all required locations, you can create multiple Jobs for that Client at multiple Locations. In the example below the same job will be created against 3 different locations and will be added to the Team Members Unscheduled Job list.

Once the jobs have been created the Team Member can now complete and sync the Job back to the Klipboard Web Dashboard.

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