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View Jobs On The Klipboard App
View Jobs On The Klipboard App

Your Mobile Job Overview, Job Summary, Client Details, Previously Completed Job Details, Document Library, Reject Job & Timers.

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Your mobile Team Members can complete jobs on their mobile app that have been assigned to them from the Web Dashboard, or created on the Klipboard App.

It is recommended that Team Members perform a sync on their Mobile App regularly, this ensures that any updates that may have been made on the Web Dashboard are reflected in the Team Members App for job schedules, client details, etc. For more information on Mobile App syncing click here.

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Mobile Job Overview

Once the Team Member syncs their App, they will have the option to select from the Unscheduled Jobs and Scheduled Jobs currently assigned to them.

NB. Set the number of days for how far in advance the team member using the Klipboard mobile App will receive Scheduled Jobs to their calendar each time a sync is performed. Further information on sync settings can be found here.

Once a job is selected the Team member will be directed to the Job Overview:

  • Job Number - This will only be allocated on Jobs synced down from the Web Dashboard as jobs that are created on the Mobile App must first sync to the Dashboard to ascertain the next available job number - this is done upon job completion.

  • Job Name - This is the Job name that was chosen when the job was created. This name will display on all corresponding documentation such as Workflow Forms, etc.

  • Select a Client - The Client that the Job is required for.

  • Location Name - The name of the location where this Job is required.

  • Address - The Address that the job is required.

  • Contact name - The point of contact for this Client.

  • Phone Number - The telephone number for this Client.

  • Mobile Number - The mobile number for this Contact.

  • Email address - The email address for this Client.

  • Note - Any Notes that have been documented against the job will be visible here.

  • Map - The Map view takes the address from the Client Location Address the job has been created for. Directions / routing from the Team Members' current location to the Job Location can be obtained by tapping on the map.

Reject Job

Team Members have the option of rejecting jobs by tapping on the icon below:

This button is to the left of the "Begin Timer" button on the job. The job will then be sent back to the Unassigned Jobs grid on the Web Dashboard and removed from the Team Members app. From there it can be edited, assigned or deleted if required.

Begin Timer

Once the job has been accessed Mobile Team Members will be presented with 3 timer options:

Team Members can accurately record Travel time to and from Jobs, as well as record job times by pressing the following button on the app:

If the Team Member has a Job or Travel rate allocated (this can be allocated in the Teams section, for more information click here) the time and rate calculated can be automatically added to an Invoice for the job.

Team Members simply select if they require the En Route Travel timer or the Job Time timer or the Return Travel timer by selecting the appropriate tab along the top. Each timer can be activated individually so you can choose what times need to be recorded.

Simply select the required time and press the Start button. Once started, the timer will continue in the background, even if you exit the app until one of the following actions is performed:

  • Abort - The timer is stopped and the time removed.

  • Pause - The timer is temporarily stopped and can be restarted later.

  • Finish - The timer is finished and cannot be restarted.

  • Complete Job - The timer is automatically stopped and the time is recorded once the job is completed off the app.

Other Functions

Back Button

The Back button will take the Team Member to the App Dashboard where Scheduled Jobs, Unscheduled Jobs and the Sync Jobs buttons will be displayed.

Job Summary

Your Team Members can get a Summary of the job at hand, detailing the Job Name as well as the date & time the job was scheduled to take place if it is a scheduled Job or the date and time the job was created if it is an Unscheduled Job.

Additional Job Information Menu

Team Members can view additional Job Information relating to the job by tapping on the icon above. The additional information is available as tabs:

Client Details Tab

Team Members can review the Client Details associated with this specific job.

Previously Completed Job Details Tab

Team Members can download and view a mandatory Workflow Form from up to 10 previous visits to the site where this job is located. This also shows the Date, Time and Job number associated with the previous Jobs.

Document Library Tab

Team Members are able to view any documents that have been assigned to the job by the Web Dashboard admin when creating the job or upload documents from their device if required by pressing the Add New Document button at the bottom of the screen.

Attached Images Tab

Here the Team Members can view the images attached to the current Job.

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