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Create Clients On The Mobile App
Create Clients On The Mobile App

Viewing, Searching & Creating Clients On The Klipboard Mobile App.

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You can grant your Team Members permission to View and Create Clients on the Mobile app. This permission is set at a Team Member level, meaning you can grant or refuse access to Individuals as you see fit. For more information on Team Permissions click here.

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Viewing Clients On The Mobile App

Once the appropriate permissions have been granted and the Team Member syncs the updated permissions to their device, the Clients option will be available from the Mobile Menu as per below:

When your Team Member taps on the Clients button they will be able to access and search through all of your active Clients, when they tap the download button:

If the client in question is not already Klipboard, team members can add the new client by tapping on the add new client button at the bottom of the screen.

Creating Clients On The Mobile App

When a Team Member clicks on the Add New Client button, they will be prompted to enter the following details:

  • Client Name * – The name of the client In question.

  • Contact * – The name of the point of contact associated with this new client.

  • Telephone – The telephone number of the client that will be displayed on the job.

  • Mobile – The mobile number associated with the Client, may be used for SMS messaging if required.

  • Email – The email address that will receive correspondence associated with the client notifications.

  • Website – The client's website address.

  • Address 1 * – The first line of the client's address.

  • Address 2 – The second line of the client's address.

  • City * – The city the client is located.

  • Postcode * – The postcode of the address above.

Please be aware that any item marked with an * above is a mandatory field and must be completed to create a new client on the mobile app.

Once a client is created, it becomes instantly available to team members on the mobile app to create jobs going forward.

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