In Progress Jobs

Jobs that have been Synced to the Assigned Team Member's Mobile App and are In Progress

Updated over a week ago

This will show all jobs that have been synced to the Klipboard mobile app by the field team member and are currently 'In Progress'.ย 

Once the field team member completes a workflow or service record and performs a sync, the workflow form or service record will appear against the Job In Progress.

This is perfect for jobs that may be lasting number of days and there is more than one workflow form or service record to complete as it means you are getting information back in realtime while the job progresses.

If there are no workflow forms uploaded against the job, you will have the ability to Unassign the job (the button will be visible)

Once the mobile app team member presses "Complete Job" on the mobile app, the In Progress Job will move to 'Pending Jobs' for review.


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