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Have a problem when trying to make a payment?
Have a problem when trying to make a payment?

Payments are complicated and sometimes things can go wrong.

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We know that a few things can happen when trying to make a payment that can prevent it from processing successfully. We're here to help guide you through common issues and how best to resolve them.

Insufficient funds is always the most common issue when trying to place a new order or paying off an existing instalment. Please ensure before you try to do either that you have enough money to cover the full value of the payment.

Expired card or one that is soon to expire will prevent you from placing a new order with Laybuy. If your card expires in 2 months, we unfortunately cannot accept this for a new order as it may expire within the 6 weeks that the payment is owed. To resolve this, you'll just need to add a new card and ensure it's set as the default to process payments.

Do not honour is a response that is given to Laybuy from your bank. There is very little (actually nothing) we can do about this so please contact your bank directly and they'll be able to provide you with more detail. Typically, you'll just need to add another card.

For anything else, we're here to help guide you through your purchase so please send us a message if the above does not resolve your problem and we can help.

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