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How is my limit applied and can I increase it?
How is my limit applied and can I increase it?

We can help you get a limit with Laybuy and the steps necessary to increase this.

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When a customer signs up to use Laybuy, we do a credit check and other assessments to determine their limit.

We review these limits every 2-3 months, and any potential increase is determined if a customer's payments have been on time and how often they use the service. As a responsible lender, we take any limit increases very seriously and these are subject to internal procedures.

Wanting to spend beyond your limit? Boost is your new best friend. If a purchase ever exceeds your available limit, we'll apply the difference as part of your first payment with the remaining amount being split over the next 5 weeks. It's really that simple.

For UK Residents: Laybuy is unregulated credit. Please use responsibly. T&Cs, eligibility criteria & late fees up to £24 per purchase apply.

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