Using the merchandise tool on the organiser dash, you can:

  • Add merchandise to the booking flow of your events

  • Manage the fulfilment of your merhandise

  • Set, manage and increase/decrease inventory of merch

  • Add multiple variants of products (e.g. colour & size)

How do I add merch to my event pages?

First, log into your dash and click on the Merchandise button on the topbar

Then, click on Products on the left hand side, followed by Create product

Fill in each field on the new product pop-up, and then click on Manage variants.

Add in any relevant specifications using the Details section - if you have specific sizes or colours available, enter these here using the tickboxes provided.

Once happy, click on Manage Variants.

On the Manage product variants pop-up, you can control how much inventory of each specific size/colours there is (eg, 100 Small/Red Tshirts, 50 Medium/Black Tshirts), as well as which variations should currently be on sale.

If the same number of each size/colour is available, just fill out the 'All' row.

Once happy, scroll down and click Choose Events.

On this page, you can fill out which event pages your merch should be sold on. If you want it to be sold for all your events, just tick the 'All Events' box.

Click Save, and your new product will now be on sale!

You can make edits to the product at any time on the Product page, and also keep tabs on how things are selling on the Sales page (both accessible on the left hand side of the Merch section.

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