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How to create and send emails containing event-critical information

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The Transactional Email feature allows you to quickly create and send event critical emails to your participants. From parking info, bib pick-up or you need to announce last minute changes to start-times, the transactional email tool has been built to allow you to create and send these emails quickly. This feature can be used for any events you have listed on Let’s Do This.

💡 Note: The Transactional Email feature is for sharing event critical information only, and as such, participants are not able to unsubscribe from these emails. It must not be used for sending marketing emails.

Opening the Transactional Email Dashboard

Go to the Events page within the Organizer Dashboard.

Click on the Event you want to create a Transactional Email for.

Within the Event, click on Transactional emails in the sidebar, then Event.

Transactional Email Dashboard

From this page, you can view all currently scheduled or drafted Transactional Emails for the event. You can also view emails you’ve previously sent from here.

For emails that have already been sent, you'll see performance statistics that indicate how well your campaigns have performed:

  • Sends How many emails have been sent to your customers (this includes any emails that may have bounced)

  • Click Through Rate The % participants who click something in the email after opening it.

  • Open-rate The % of participants of participants who opened the email.

💡 Note: Statistics for Open-rate and Click Through Rate are not available in real-time. Stats are updated every 3 hours.

To start a new Transactional Email campaign, click Create in the top right.

Creating a Transactional Email

You are now creating a new campaign. You can exit at any time without losing your progress by clicking on Save Draft.

Select a Campaign Name, Subject Line, ‘From’ name, Brand theme and Pre-header.

Once you’re happy, click Next.

Transactional Email builder

Adding Components

The email builder allows you to drag and drop various components into your email. To start building, click on a component to add it.

Components available include:

  • Images: You can upload any images into, including GIF's. Images wider than 700px will be constrained to a max width of 700px. Any images with a width less than 700px will be displayed according to size.

  • Headings: Use these to surface any key information or titles. Text font and color can be changed in the 'branding themes' section.

  • Text: You can also add styling elements such as bold, italic, underlines, bullet points, numbers and hyperlinks. Text font and color can be changed in branding themes.

  • Buttons: Use these to encourage participants to click a call to action. Button font and color can be changed in branding themes.

  • Custom HTML: Add custom HTML snippets into the email. There are no limits to this component which means you can paste in full HTML emails into the email builder. All components have been designed to be compatible on both mobile and desktop (unless you choose to use custom HTML code that is not mobile/desktop compatible).

  • Dynamic Fields: Transactional Emails also offer the ability to insert dynamic fields into the email. Simply choose a field from the dropdown and copy the snippet. This can then be pasted anywhere in the email and will act like a normal mail merge using your registration data.

Email Preview

You can use the preview functionality at any time to check your designs.

Toggle between Mobile and Web view to see how your email will appear on both. You can also send a test to as many email addresses you like.

Once happy with your email design, return to the builder and click Next to build your Audience.


💡 Note: If you use LDT as your main registration platform, all your startlist participants will be available through the audience tool. If you sell registrations elsewhere outside of LDT, you will need to email those participants separately.

Using the audience selection & segmentation features in Transactional Emails, you can choose exactly which participants you would like to receive your email. To receive it, participants must match all of the conditions you select. Conditions available to choose from include:

  • Booking Status: Filter on the current status of a registered participants.

  • Event Occurrence: If you've held your event multiple times on Let's Do This (e.g. in 2022 and 2023), you can filter a participants based on the date of the event they took part in. For example, you can filter to only send to participants of the 2023 event.

  • Race: Filter on the race distance that a participant has signed up for. For example, if you offer multiple distances in a single event, you can choose to only send to 5k participants.

  • Ticket: Filter on the type of ticket that a participant purchased.

  • Booking Date: When the participant booked. You can filter based on whether they booked after a certain date, or before a certain date.

  • Gender: Filter based on the gender of the participant.

  • Location: Filter based on the location of the participant by using the address they provided during booking. With location filtering, you can choose a location and select a distance radius. You can choose whether you want to include, or exclude addresses within that radius.

  • Event (Name): Filter based on the event in your portfolio that a participant booked. Transactional emails are already filtered to the event that you are sending from, but if you wish to only contact participants doing/not doing another event from your portfolio, you can use this option.

You can add as many audience conditions as you like using Add filters.

Once happy with your Audience selections, you can move onto scheduling your email by clicking Next.

Email Scheduling

Transactional Emails can be sent in 4 different ways:

  • Send Now: This sends your campaign immediately.

  • Time Scheduling: Enables you to select a specific date and time to send the campaign. This time and date is based on the time-zone you are currently in.

  • Event Milestone-based: Enables you to send the campaign based on a milestone - e.g., on the start date. You can choose exactly how many hours, days or weeks before or after the milestone to send the campaign.

  • User action-based: You can choose to setup the campaign to run continuously so that a user gets an email when they complete a specific action, for example, when registering for the event.

Choose your delivery setup and click Next.

Launching your email

The Launch page is the final step of the Transactional Email builder. Here, you can:

  • Review your high level campaign details, like Campaign Name, Subject Line and Preheader.

  • Send a test to an email address of your choosing.

  • View the total recipients your campaign will be sent to.

  • Save a draft and exit the builder without sending.

  • Send your campaign.

Once you're reviewed and are happy with your newly created campaign, hit Send to get it out to your participants.

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