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Share Assesslet Results with Parents
Share Assesslet Results with Parents

Parents can view all activities including detailed results by logging into their students account on any internet supported device.

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No need to send home printed copies of results or reports for parents. Parents can view their child's Assesslet results online including detailed, easy to understand reports.

Assesslets are formative assessment tools aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence, and are based on the Georgia Milestones End of Grade and End of Course assessments. Assesslets provide information on how well students understand concepts and how well they can demonstrate knowledge and skills in a particular content area or domain.

If your student recently completed an Assesslet online, this document will assist you in viewing your students results.

On any internet-connected device, go to this web address in your web browser:

1. On the Sign In screen, enter your students username and password.

2. Then click the blue Sign In button.

3. In the left side menu, under the teachers name, click on Results.

Viewing a students answer responses:

4. In the main window of the screen, click on the blue View Responses button.

The students answer card will open to the right side of the main screen.

5. A green check indicates a correct answer for a multiple choice question.

6. A red X indicates an incorrect answer for a multiple choice question.

7. A numbered score will be given to written response questions, where multiple points are possible.

8. Click on the underlined Rubric information to open the scoring rubric. The Rubric is the standard document used to determine what is required for each score point for the written response questions.

Below is a sample of a rubric view.

Viewing the Assesslets Activity information:

9. In the main window of the screen, click on the blue Activity Summary button.

10. To view information about the Actions (items or questions) on the Assesslet, and how your student answered, click on the blue Action Summary button.

Information includes (from left to right): Question (action) Number, the students answer, correct answer, type of question (action), Standard Number, PE for Points Earned, and PP for Points Possible.

11. To view detailed information about the Standard each question addresses, click the blue Standard Summary button.

Information includes (from left to right): Standard Number, Standard Text, number of questions (actions) on the Assesslet for each Standard, PE for Points Earned, PP for Points Possible, and the percentage correct for your student for each Standard.

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