Using the Overview (report)

How to access and use the Overview

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Available on both the iOS app and desktop versions, we offer a simple Overview on the tasks you've completed and how much time they took.

To access the Overview on desktop and the iOS app:

Click on the 2nd icon (from the left) in the tab bar on the bottom of the app.

The Overview will show you:

  • a summary of the tasks on your Main List, including all completed tasks that are hidden

  • The time planned for each task, and the actual time spent completing the task

  • Total time planned across all tasks in your Main List

  • Total time spent across all tasks in your Main List

How can I see only my daily or weekly tasks in my Overview?

As the report shows all completed and incomplete tasks that are on your list, including completed tasks that are hidden, if you would like to capture tasks for a certain period of time, we recommend deleting all completed tasks a the start of this period.

For example, if you would like see how you've spent your time each day, at the beginning of each day, before you start any tasks, clear your completed tasks by:

  • Clicking on 'Clear' located below the 'Add task' card

  • Select to 'Clear Completed'

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