Take a look at our quick video tutorial on how to connect your Twitter account to Loomly:

In this article, we'll also review:

  1. How to connect your Twitter account

  2. Twitter supported media types and size limits

  3. Twitter features

    1. Interactions

    2. Analytics

    3. Twitter threads

1. How can I connect my Twitter account?

To connect your Twitter account to Loomly:

  • Go to the Social Accounts tab of your Calendar Settings page, and connect your Twitter account by clicking on the green Connect button for Twitter:

📝 Note:

  1. If Loomly isn't able to detect the right account, you'll need to go to Twitter and confirm you are logged in to the correct Twitter account.

  2. Loomly was created on a calendar basis. In each calendar, you can connect one social media account of each platform. So if you need to connect two Twitter accounts, for example, you will currently have to create two calendars. You can also easily create a post that will be cloned on multiple calendars. And, you will also be able to access all posts from All Calendars.

2. Twitter supported media types and size limits





.jpg, .png, .gif

5 MB for images, 10 MB for GIFs


1024 x 512 pixels


.mp4, .mov


<30MB and shorter than 2 minutes


200MB and 5 minutes

📝 Note:

  • At anytime, you can view the dimension and size of each media you've uploaded in the Library.

  • You are able to crop your images with Loomly Studio

3. Twitter Features

📝 Note:

  • If your Tweet starts with an @mention, it will not be displayed on your Twitter feed

A. Twitter Interactions

From our Interactions Management, you are able to respond to Twitter comments, mentions, and messages. Learn more about it here.

You can retweet from Interactions on comments or tweet in which you are mentioned:

This feature is available from the toolbar of each calendar:

B. Twitter Analytics

The Analytics dashboard offers insight into your posts' performance. To access Analytics, click on the calendar and go to the Analytics icon:

Loomly Analytics will be your best ally in this quest, empowering you to:

  1. Get a report of Loom.ly URL click counts, sources & locations.

  2. Dive into account-level statistics.

  3. Get into details with Post Metrics, which includes all the analytics you need to evaluate your posts.

  4. Filter and compare performance by date ranges to evaluate growth and get a better understanding of your success!

  5. Last but not least, export all your analytics, as PDF or CSV and share them offline with your team!

Here are the metrics available your Twitter pages:

  • Tweets Published: The number of tweets published in the date range selected.

  • Total Likes: The number of likes received on your tweets during the date range selected.

C. Can I schedule & publish Twitter threads?

You can schedule Twitter threads with Loomly!

1. Create a post in Post Builder, and select Twitter as a channel

2. Create the post as your normally would

3. In the fine-tuning step for Twitter, click "Add New Thread Tweet" below the copy field

4. Add a copy into the Twitter Thread Text Tweet

5. Repeat steps 3-4 for the other Tweets in the thread you would like to add

6. Schedule the post

📝 Note:

  • Please remove any empty Twitter Thread Text Tweets

  • If any of the Twitter threads fail, the Tweet should not be published

  • If your Thread Text Tweet starts with an @mention, then the thread Tweet will not display the mention in the copy, but the Tweet will show as a reply to yourself and the mentioned user

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