If you use Strava to record your rides, you can link it with your Love to Ride account so that your rides are automatically logged on your profile. During a challenge, this means you'll get entered into prize draws automatically - how great is that?! 😃

(Note: if you have already connected your Strava to your Love to Ride profile, but your rides aren't syncing, check out this article for support getting it running smoothly again.)

To get started syncing your rides from Strava just, follow these simple steps 👇

1) Log onto Strava on your device if you aren't already.

Go to Strava and make sure you're logged in.

2) Head to your profile page and click on 'Settings' beneath your profile picture.

3) Click on the orange 'Connect with Strava' button.

4) Give Love to Ride permission to access your Strava account.

You will be taken to the Strava site, where you will need to give Love to Ride access in order to sync your rides. Make sure both boxes are selected, as shown below 👇

That's it, you're done!

Now when you use Strava to track your rides, you'll see them turn up on your Love to Ride profile within 24 hours of being saved.

A tip for you:

🚴‍♂️ You can use the 'commute' tag in Strava before you save your ride, and it will automatically transfer as 'transport to or from work' on your Love to Ride profile.

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