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During PE class

Provide an all-inclusive program by using Marathon Kids during PE class.

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The Marathon Kids program is customizable to meet the needs of each school and PE teacher across the US.

"What mile are you on?" will become the most popular question on your campus!

Our flexible program and digital tool allow you to set all logistics like:

Building Community Around Physical Activity

You have the potential to reach all kids. Every student can feel a sense of belonging and be a part of a team!

The coach plays a pivotal role in the success of the program.

  • Be consistent, stay positive, and have fun!

Educate your students: each student will conquer their own personal goals while also contributing to help their class, grade level, and school mileage goals!

  • Set your School Goal and print these resources to help you track the miles.

  • Create a bulletin board or wall space to post data and updates so that everyone can stay updated.

  • Utilize our first three lessons to teach kids about goal setting and conquering the school goal together!

  • Celebrate and Reward often and keep it simple!

Customize your Season

Bring Kids into the Data!

Once the data starts to come it's time to REWARD and CELEBRATE!

Click here for a few ideas.

Set a cadence for providing updates on all types of mileage.

  • Total Mileage; conquering your club goal

  • Grade-level mileage totals

  • Classroom mileage totals

  • Individual mileage

  • Leaderboards; top participants

Then it's time to RUN, SCAN, REPEAT!

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