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Import your payroll export into SD Worx (eBlox Payroll)
Import your payroll export into SD Worx (eBlox Payroll)
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Loading payroll data into your tool can be a headache. You either have to manually add payroll data for each employee, or pay a hefty fee to your HR service provider to do it themselves.

Avoid all this by importing the SD Worx-compatible payroll export file (eBlox Payroll) for all your employees at once.

📥 How to download your payroll export compatible with SD Worx (eBlox Payroll)?

  1. Select SD Worx - eBlox as payroll provider in Mbrella

    Payroll > Settings > SD Worx eBlox>Save

  2. Run your payroll as usual

  3. Navigate to your Payroll History module

    Open the menu of the payroll period you wish to download. Click on Download in SD Worx format

    👉🏼 Tip: if you get an error when downloading in SD Worx format, check your SD Worx company ID and employee IDs in your payroll configuration. Both IDs are 7 characters long. Your SD Worx company ID will generally have the following format: 1AB1234

📤 How do you load your payroll export into SD Worx?

One-time action: create a new definitionn

  1. Log in to eBlox Payroll

  2. In your Quick Actions, click on the download tab

  3. Then select 'Additional data

  4. Click on the 'New' button

  5. Fill in the following information:

    1. Description: enter a description for the entry 'External salary data'.

    2. Protection: check this box if you wish to protect this definition from modifications by other users

    3. Data type: C

    4. File name: fill in the directory where the file to be imported is located

6. Save

Recurring action (to be taken for each payroll)

  1. Open the definition and click on execute

    Afbeelding met tekst, schermopname, software, Webpagina

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving
  2. Select the file to be imported (the one you downloaded from Mbrella)

    Afbeelding met tekst, schermopname, software, computer

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving
  3. The list of imported amounts is displayed in 'protected' mode.

  • If you click on 'Text entry', all errors will be displayed.

  • If you click on 'Data entry', you can make corrections.

  • If you click on 'Save', your information will be saved for payroll.

❓ Any mistakes?

If the SD Worx system is unable to process certain data correctly, you will be informed and the employees concerned will be marked in red.

It is best to contact your SD Worx contact person if you are unable to resolve the problem.


First make sure that your SD Worx contact person has activated the necessary payroll codes.

Check that there is only one file in the 'Active files' list. If there are two files, you cannot process the last new file. You must first process or cancel the old file.

Employees not marked in red can still be loaded

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