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What are the user groups?

Managing employee budgets and benefits for more than 20 employees can take a bit of time.

Junior employees generally have different rights than more senior ones. And that needs to be reflected in Mbrella.

With our newly launched User Groups feature, you can put people with the same rights all in one neat little group.

  • Say goodbye to manually assigning budgets and benefits to each employee individually. Now you can manage budgets and benefits for groups of employees at the same time, in bulk.

  • Updates made to a group budget or benefit will automatically be applied to everyone, saving you time and effort.

  • Design a mobility plan that is tailored to your employees' specific needs.

How to add new user groups

  1. Click on Employees on the left menu column

  2. Select Groups

  3. Click on Add Group and assign it a name

  4. Assign budget and benefits and add employees

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