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Payroll corrections for SD Worx eBlox customers

Picture this: an employee mistakenly logs a bike ride during their vacation. Someone switches addresses and updates their commute distance post-move. Work-from-home days are registered,… but after payroll is closed. All those commuting trips now need to be corrected.

No sweat. With Mbrella's Payroll Corrections, your payroll is 100% accurate. No more wondering if you're paying too much. Rest easy, knowing that only the correct amount is flowing through your payroll.

How does it work?

The corrections must be sent on the month to which the correction relates.

This is the reason why in your payroll export, you will find a column 'Payroll_Period'.

If a correction is needed in December for expenses which happened in November.

Then in your December payroll, you have 2 periods, one for December but also one for November.

We send the new total amount in your next payroll. Not the delta


  • Decrease: 10km is updated to 2km → 2km is sent in correction

  • Increase: 10km is updated to 15km → 15km is sent in correction

When loading this payroll file in eBlox, eBlox will automatically calculate the Delta and apply the right correction on the payslip of the employees.

💯 Payroll Perfection does exist now!

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