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You have chosen to offer flexible mobility benefits to your employees. Great! Now your employees can spend what they want when they want. Without HR hassle for you.

Below we have listed the most important information you need to get started!

1. Discover Mbrella's features

Mbrella is structured around your Mobility Hub, your employees, all their mobility expenses and commuting allowances, and your company settings. These are the tabs you will find on your left.

☂️ Mobility Hub

This will become your gateway to the mobility ecosystem. Activate mobility services and compose a flexible mobility plan for your employees.

👱 Employees

Add any employees who will enjoy a mobility budget. Track their spending and easily offboard employees who leave the company.

💸 Expenses

Your employee creates expenses whenever they spend their budget on mobility. As an admin, you can approve (or refuse) these expenses. Recurring expenses can also be set to avoid copying the same expense every month.

⚙️ Settings

Set up your company details, billing details and signatory details.

2. Access your account

Once you've received your confirmation email containing your credentials you are ready to start using Mbrella!

It is best to use Google Chrome or Safari as a browser to access Mbrella. Internet Explorer tends to have performance issues.

Log in on your admin account using your company email and Mbrella password:

3. Watch the onboarding tutorial

Watch, pause, replay our onboarding video to know the basics of Mbrella.

4. Reimburse your employees

Expenses are created whenever an employee spends on mobility. You'll want to reimburse them at the end of each month.

In order to do so, you need to approve expenses before they are sent to payroll. Pending expenses will not be sent.

You can edit expenses as long as they are not sent to payroll. Once sent, they can't be edited anymore.

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