Your role helps determine which communications you receive (e.g. critical push notifications or events), as well as which content you will see.

This is so that if you are e.g. an 'Intern' you will just see the content that is most relevant to you as an intern. It's about making sure you get information that is relevant for you, and to help try and cut out the noise from things that aren't relevant.

How to change or update your role in the app settings

  • Go to the 'more' section of the mobile app

  • Then tap on the 'View Roles' box.

  • Select the role you want.

  • Tap 'Change role' at the bottom

  • You can then use the back arrow to return to the previous menu (you will be asked if you want to save your changes)

Roles are determined by the dashboard admin managers at each site, so if you have queries about the names or potential for other roles, have a read of this, or get in touch with the team at your hospital.

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