Roles are setup to help ensure people on the app only see the most relevant content and only get the most relevant communications. So for e.g. a Registrar starting at a new hospital around the same time as intern orientation probably doesn't care about the intern orientation schedule, but they would like to see their department handbook.

So the roles on the 'Intern Orientation' section would be 'Intern'. This means only people with the role 'Intern' will see this when they are in the app.

And the roles on the 'Department handbook' might be 'Intern, Resident, Registrar'. This means that people with any of those roles will be able to see the content.

When we setup your account the Hospital Success team will help recommend (e.g. JMOs, Senior Doctors, Consultants, Locums). We have a set of default roles that we recommend starting with based on experience with other sites. It is important to keep roles at a higher level to avoid unnecessary groups and roles.

When creating content or sending notifications Account and Location Managers can choose whether they want all/some/one of those groups to see that content or notification.

If you want to change/add roles just get in touch with the support team via the Live Chat feature in the bottom right of the dashboard screen.

Note: The team is currently working to develop a more in depth role allocation system that will give account and location managers better control of content access and help to deliver the most relevant information to clinicians.

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