Sending Push Notifications to the App

How to send push notifications (or 'announcement') through the Med App

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What are Push Notification Announcements For?

Push notifications (or as they are called in the app 'Announcements') are a really useful way to communicate short messages to groups of people in the app. It is a way to cut through the noise that hospital emails normally have and make sure clinicians get messages that are relevant to them!

It is quick, easy and lets you reach roles and custom groups (cohorts) on the app in a couple clicks. You can also schedule a notification to go at a later date, which is useful in order to programme in change of term notifications, special events or other announcements that will normally go out at a specific time.

You can also edit and delete these push notifications after they have been sent, so you don't have to worry about those little mistakes.

All announcements are available in the 'updates' feed in the app, so people can go back to them if they need.

If you want to send more personalised information with tracking and reminders, or longer messages with more customisable content, check out our info on the Mailout feature.

Watch a quick video on how to send an Announcement push notification:

What groups can I send it to?

You can send an Announcement to:

  • A role or selection of roles

    • Send to specific roles or selection of roles.

  • A custom Cohort

    • If you want to send to a more targeted group than just using roles.

    • Setup a Cohort under the Cohort tool in the dashboard and send targeted push notifications to those groups.

  • Specific locations (if you are an Account Manager).

Notifications will only be seen by people who are logged in to your account or location.

When you are sending an Announcement you will be able to see how many people will receive your announcement. This will let you know if certain people have their push notification option turned off.

How do I add an internal or web link to an Announcement?

You can add  internal (within Med App) and external links (e.g. to a website) to any notification. Use the buttons under the text entry box.

Click this to link to a piece of information that is in the app already. This might be a handbook section, guidelines, term handover information or presentation slides after an education and training session. It is a great way to remind and direct people to information.

You can add multiple 'content links' to a single push notification.

Click this to link to an external website or somewhere on the internet. You will need the URL or email to insert it.

Edit and Delete Announcements

You can edit an announcement you have already sent or delete one. Editing an announcement will not re-send the push notification to users (i.e. the pop up on their phone). But it will change the message in the 'updates feed' tab of the app.

So if you make a mistake or need to change or update something no problem.

To edit or delete, just use the buttons to the right of the announcement in the main announcement page (which shows all the previous announcements sent).

Remember, once you have deleted an announcement you can't undo it (but you can send another if required).

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