Hospital admins will use the dashboard to send invitations out to people they would like to join their account on Med App (e.g. intern orientation, locum shift, new doctor at that location).

You should receive an email or letter from hospital manager advising that you will shortly receive an invitation to download and join.


  1. Receive a text message (and email) inviting you to join your hospital's account on Med App.

  2. Use the invitation link in the text message to confirm your registration (if you do not have the app already you will need to download first, then use the invitation link to accept the registration).

  3. Once registration is confirmed you will have access to your hospital's account (see the change location screen for hospitals you have access to).

If you do not accept the invitation it will eventually lapse and if you want access you will either need to download the app and register yourself or ask your hospital admin to add you.

You may still register on the app separately and request access after this time. Or your hospital manager may re-invite you if access is required.

For further details you can ding the MedApps privacy policy here.

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