How to register & access Med App (Mobile App)

How to get quick access to Med App through invitation or by downloading directly from our app store

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To get started using Med App, follow the instructions below as there are a few ways to get access the mobile application.

SMS invitation from your hospital

Typically you will be invited to get access to your hospital though a text message and via email. There will be a link embedded which you must click

Downloaded Med App directly

If you have not yet been given access to your hospital, you can download Med App and request access. All requests must be approved by your administrator.

Go to the App Store or Google Play. By registering you will have access to our publicly available 'Open Access' account.

Scan a QR Code for Access

  • We encourage hospitals to have posters on site with QR codes to scan and get access to Med App. Keep an eye out for them in secure areas around your hospital.

  • Ask a peer to

Make sure you update your role

Select the role which best applies to you to see the most relevant content and communication.

What can Med App do for clinicians?

See how we support clinicians here

Having trouble registering?

You are having further login issues have a look at our help article here.

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