If you need to report on clinician attendance across multiple education and training events (e.g. 80% attendance for Term 1), using an invite group allows you to easily create an event for that group, and then later run a single .csv report for that entire group. That report will show each clinicians attendance for every event in the invite group.

As an example the invite group would be 'Gen Med Interns Term 1' (made up of the interns on Gen Med for Term 1), then under that invite group you will create events for the training across the term. At the end of the term (or whenever) you can export a .csv report with attendances for every event.

Note: People who have not been invited to a specific event, or included in an invite group can still scan in to record their attendance. Just scan the QR code or use the URL to log it from their phone.

🔥Hot tip: Create your invite group first, before you create any education and training events. It will help make reporting easier later!

See how to create an invite group here:

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