From the Med App main home page tap the 'change location' button at the top of the page under the hospital name.

Or go to 'more' in the bottom right of the app and then tap 'Change Location'.

But My Location is 'Locked'?

If you go to change location, and can see an account that might be yours, but it has a lock symbol on it there are a couple reasons for this.

  1. You may need to request access. Just tap on that account and enter in the reason why you are requesting access (also useful to include your role at the hospital so admin can identify you better).

  2. You may not have access to that account. It may be that the account (which may be your hospital) is currently only setup for one particular discipline (e.g. Medical or nursing). Some sites will only want to bring other disciplines on once they have content that will be useful to you. But! If you are keen to get it for your particular discipline at your site, send us a message via the live chat on this page, or via email to

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