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What to do when rotating and changing hospitals?
What to do when rotating and changing hospitals?

How do clinician's change their location to a new hospital to see local information & communication

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When you rotate hospitals (assuming the new one has Med App) make sure you update your current hospital and role to get relevant information. Even if you see onboarding documentation, that doesn't automatically change your location for you, as you may be remaining at your current hospital a little while longer.

Change hospitals

From the Med App main home page tap the 'change' button at the top of the page under the hospital name. Find and select your new hospital under my locations.

Adding a hospital or requesting access

If you haven't received onboarding information & cannot see your hospital under 'My locations' you may have to request access.

  1. Change tabs to 'add location' and find your hospital

  2. Once you have found it select your role, discipline and reason for requesting access

  3. If you continue to have problems contact us for help

Demonstration changing locations

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