You can add an internal link to an Article, Announcement or Mailout that will point to another section of the app. E.g. link to a clinical resource Article, handbook section or wellbeing article.

This means you don't have to duplicate content in the app and can link to a single section.

Article Internal Links

Linking to other articles or headings can help reduce duplication of content and point people from one resource to another.

Announcement Internal Links

This is useful to reduce the amount of text in an announcement and point people to sections of the app. It is also useful for reminding people about specific content in the app. 

Mailout Internal Links

When sending a Mailout to a new staff member, locum or other user adding internal links helps to point them to critical resources in the app. The Mailout is stored in the users Documents section in the app, so they can always refer back to it.

You can also track engagement through the dashboard and get users to confirm or 'sign' that they have read a document and the included resources.

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