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Automatically remove user access at a future date (expiry dates)
Automatically remove user access at a future date (expiry dates)

Set a date when access to your hospital/facility will be automatically revoked for a user

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If you have a locum coming to your hospital or a group of students that are on placement you might want to have their access expire on a certain dat.

This is helpful to keep your user list up to date if you want to more closely manage who has access to your Med App site. E.g. you may want to have all medical interns access expire at the end of the year, then those who are staying can be re-added or request access.

Set an Expiry Date when I invite someone:

From thee 'invite new user' page you can set an expiry date for anyone you are inviting. If you are inviting in bulk using the .csv uploader you can also bulk set an expiry date for all the users.

Update an Expiry Date, or set one for someone in my hospital:

From the main user list page you can see users who have an expiry date on their access.

Click on their name and then 'edit account access' to make add or edit an expiry date.

Watch a quick video of how to set an expiry date:

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