Revoking access will only apply to your particular location or account. It does not delete them from the app completely.

You can revoke access immediately, or use an expiry date.

Revoking Access

You can revoke someones access from the user list by click the checkbox next to their name and then hitting 'revoke users' in the bottom right.

Or, click on their name to revoke access from their individual profile.

🔥 You can always track revoked users down using the filter in the user list, and filtering to 'revoked' users.

Using an Expiry Date

You can set a users access to expire on a specific date. This can be set when they are invited to the app, or done later. Check out how to use Expiry dates here!

Adding someone back in?

You can always 'restore' access to your account for someone who has expired from the user profile page, or just inviting them back in as normal (using the 'user invite' page).

Check out our help article on inviting and adding users for a refresher.

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