The key to orientation is front loading the work long before orientation! No one likes to get to o-week feeling unprepared, so we have created and easy to follow guide based on consultation we have done with several leading hospitals to support you.

What's on this page?

  • An overview of the orientation process

  • Links to each phase which provides you with easy to follow steps templates and how to guides

  • A easy way to track your progress - because we all love a good checklist!

Phase 1: Planting the Seed & Preparation

About: Good results are all about the prep work!

We want to preparing communication templates, review and update content, and let clinicians know early about what to expect from their orientation.

Steps: 6

When: At least 1 month before orientation

Phase 2: Onboarding clinicians to Med App and your Hospital

About: Now we need to invite clinicians to Med App, onboard them to your hospital and providing links to critical resources so they can confidently hit the ground running.

Steps: 6

When: At least 2 weeks before orientation

Phase 3: Orientation week

About: Most of the hard work is done. Maintain communications to provide support, reminding clinicians when and where they should be, tracking their progress and measuring their satisfaction through survey tools.

Steps: 3

When: O-Week

Tracking your progress

To make your life easier, we have created an easy to follow checklist to track your progress. It's recommended to use this as you work through the steps.

  1. Click the button below to preview

  2. Once open, click 'File' and navigate to 'download' as .xlsx (Excel)

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