About this phase: It's all about setting up communication, content and surveys

Steps: 6

When: At least 1 month before orientation

Step 1 - Heads Up Email

Email clinicians about their upcoming orientation, information about how and why they should use Med App. We've done the hard work to design a nice template for you, all you need to do is copy it, insert your hospital logo and send it to the incoming cohort!


How to use our template

  1. Click 'view template' below

  2. Select all and copy

  3. Open your preferred email client & create a new email

  4. Paste the template into the email

  5. Delete 'your hospital logo goes here' and replace with your hospital logo (This is important to help endorse and associate Med App and your hospital

  6. Make sure to change contact details at the end of the email

Step 2 - Content review & updates

Review your hospitals Med App content & directory against our Gold Star checklist

  • Align with AMC and NZMC JMO training standards

  • Include clinical feedback on what needs to be updated, what is missing or needs to be deleted

  • Remember - Med app is not a repository for all of your hospitals information.

What's best way to identify the 20% of information that clinicians need 80% of the time?

  1. Consult with your JMO & SMO's to review the information on Med App from a clinical perspective (They should be part of your governance team).

  2. Questions to ask

    1. What information is not useful? (Delete it!)

    2. What needs updating?

    3. What is missing?

Review our checklist of best practice

Step 3 - Setup your hospital welcome message (Mailout)

Why should yo do this?

Any clinician starting at your hospital will be anxious about working in a new environment, particularly if they are an intern. Give them a running start to how your hospital works!

When should this be used?

When you invite clinicians to the Med App platform you will be prompted to send a 'Mailout.' This message will appear when they first open the app.

Don't worry, we re not sending this just yet, we are setting up the template to send a few weeks prior to orientation.

What should be included?

At a minimum you should include a run sheet for o-week, hospital map, key contacts, term descriptions and a link.

How to use the template?

  1. Open Med App, navigating to 'Mailouts'

  2. Find Orientation 2022 Welcome message and open it

  3. Edit the content, add your hospital logo and a signature

  4. Link critical resources for clinicians to review (Really important)

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Step 4 - O-week orientation (Mailout)

Welcome clinicians to their first week at your hospital, linking to activities, locations and times for their upcoming week.

  • Use a mobile friendly format (2 columns wide) for best readability

  • Create daily articles under your orientation folder

  • This idea was one of the most popular articles read for interns at several leading hospitals

An example of how this translates from Med App to Mobile

Step 5 - Prepare notifications to schedule in first week

Mobile push notifications (announcements) use a clean channel of communication from your hospital to clinicians, rather than email which is noisy and cluttered. Consider what messages could be scheduled for the first few weeks of orientation or even later in the term.

  • Congratulate them on surviving their first week - linking to orientation survey

  • Remind them about important upcoming events, education sessions

  • Tell them about end of week drinks, social catch ups

  • Term changeover to update handover documents - link

  • Recommended frequency of announcements is 2 per week, max 1 per day

How to use announcements

How to create a mobile push notification (Announcement)

Scheduling announcements

Step 6 - Setup your orientation & education survey's

Surveys create an easy and quick way to gather clinicians feedback and preferences. They can easily distributed via a mobile push notification or scheduled to automatically trigger after an education session.

In this step we are only setting up the survey, distributing and viewing results are covered in phase 2 & 3

How to use survey's

Creating a survey

How to distribute survey's

Up Next: Onboarding clinicians to Med App and your Hospital

In this section, we discuss inviting clinicians to Med App, onboarding them to your hospital and providing links to critical resources so they can confidently hit the ground running.

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