How to manage feedback from clinicians

keep content relevant and up to date: Review, manage and respond to feedback from clinicians by

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Clinicians can provide critical feedback about content and the directory, ensuring Med App is the first place for your clinicians to access the the most up to date information about their hospital.

Improving access to information has been shown to improve the wellbeing of clinicians, reduce costly mistakes being made and free up resources. We highly recommend encouraging clinicians to use these features as the administrative teams will also see the benefits.

How do admins review and action feedback?

Within action items click the 'Feedback' tab to review any requests submitted by clinicians.

How are clinicians providing feedback?

Clinicians play a crucial role in ensuring all information on Med App is relevant and up-to-date so they can perform their roles well:

  1. Directory feedback on incorrect numbers

  2. Content suggestions

  3. Specific article feedback

Updating directory numbers

The directory allows clinicians to call departments and services directly, reducing the burden on switch. Alerting admin teams to old numbers is as easy as opening any listing and clicking 'report as incorrect.'

How to update directory numbers in Med App

Clinicians can submit content suggestions on what they my need

It's difficult to know what clinicians at various levels of experience need. More escalation strategies for night shifts, strategies for managing as a new supervisor, or reviewing the process for an infusion? Or simply how to submit leave.

The below GIF shows how clinicians can submit their requests

Direct feedback on specific articles

Every Article in the app has the capacity to collect direct feedback. Tap the feedback button when viewing the article to submit feedback associated with that Article.

Any pending comments will display on the dashboard and in the action items list. In the dashboard managers can 'tick off' a comment when it has been actioned.

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