Using Action Items in the dashboard

Check who has requested access, left content comments, or see articles that need review

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(access requests) - Clinicians who are asking for access to your hospital. You will need to approve or deny their requests. It's recommended to approve requests within 7 days. Note: You may see requests from other disciplines, so just approve those relevant to your role.


(content edit submissions) - If you have articles that have edits switched 'on' (e.g. a term handover handover doc / ROVER), you will be notified here if anyone has suggested an edit. It won't go live until approved by a dashboard admin.

View, approve or deny the edits in a timely manner and give automatic feedback direct to the clinician.


(user article comments) - These may be requests, suggestions or feedback from clinicians on content that is in the app (or requests for additional/updated content). Promote the use of this to help 'crowdsource' information direct from the clinical cohort.

Up to date information means clinicians can perform their roles efficiently by accessing the most relevant and up to date information.

Types of feedback

  • Directory - Report an incorrect directory number, or suggest a new number is added

  • Article - Suggestions and comments for improvement or flagging out of date content on individual articles

  • Generic - Clinicians can also use the generic 'suggestion' button to request information that doesn't exist or give generic feedback to the admin team.


(articles up for review) - If content has a review date on it, once that date has passed it will show up here to remind you to review, or select a new review date. Remember you can also get weekly or daily email updates about what info is in the action items list.

Get a daily / weekly email summary of action items

You can setup email reminders on a weekly or daily basis so you can stay on top of things in the action items.

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