User access requests - Clinicians who have sent a request asking for access to your hospital, you will need to approve or deny their requests. It's recommended to approve requests within 7 days.

Content edits - If you have articles that have edits switched 'on' like a handover / ROVER, you will be notified if anyone has made an edit.

View, approve or deny the edits in a timely manner.

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Feedback - Manage requests from clinicians for content improvements. Up to date information means clinicians can perform their roles efficiently by accessing the most relevant and up to date information.

How to manage feedback

Types of feedback

  • Directory - Suggested updates to phone numbers to reach department's direct

  • Article - Suggestions for improvement or flagging out of date content on individual articles

  • Content & directory requests for new content that has not been added yet

Review Dates - If you have added a review date to an article during upload or editing your reminders to update content will appear in this tab.

How to use review dates

Get a daily / weekly email summary of action items

You can setup email reminders on a weekly or daily basis so you can stay on top of things in the action items.

How to setup email summary

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