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Link clinicians to a specific pages in Med App

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Direct linking allows clinicians to quickly open specific screens or content on Med App without having to search for it. This greatly reduces time for finding information, onboarding or filling out forms.

What can I link to?

  • The directory to quick find contacts using QR codes

  • Guides on using specialist equipment

  • Send clinicians to complete a specific task e.g. Fill in a form

How does it work?

In the above and below illustrations the example we've chosen to show is onboarding a clinician to using specialist equipment. The QR code and poster is produced so that any clinician can learn the process for safe a correct use.

  1. Setup a direct links & generate a QR code / URL

  2. Clinician scans a QR code or clicks the created link

  3. Opens process or guide in Med App

Try it out on your phone

  1. Open Med App QR code scanner or your phone camera

  2. when the phone detects the QR code a link should show on the screen

  3. Click the link to be redirected to the page

Can Med App Direct link?

Med App has developed a testing version of direct links which requires it to be setup by our customer success team. In the not too distant future this will be available for hospitals to use by education and admin teams.

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