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Can a User Purchase a Product They Already Have Access To?
Can a User Purchase a Product They Already Have Access To?
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Yes, they most certainly can!

You may be wondering why this might be necessary - here are some common use cases that come up:

  • Your user's current subscription/payment plan was canceled and they need to create a new one.

  • Your user wants to update or downgrade the subscription/payment plan they are currently on.

  • Your user wants to switch their payment method from PayPal to direct debit/credit card (ie. Stripe) or vice versa.

  • You want to offer your user a new price point for their subscription or payment plan.

  • The user was given complimentary access to the product for a timeframe and now needs to create a subscription/payment plan if they wish to maintain their access.

For any of the above reasons, or possibly another, you may encounter a time when your user needs to repurchase a product they already have access to.

First and foremost, please know that you do not need to remove the user's access from the product in order for them to repurchase the product.

Instead, ask the user to log out of their user account and visit the product they wish to repurchase on your MV Site as a visitor. As they are not logged in at the time, the system will allow them to repurchase a product they already have access to.

And so long as the user repurchases the product using the email address linked to their user account, nothing will change for them in regards to their product access or progression.

That said, if the product in question happens to be a time-dripped product, the user's start date will be reset to the date of their repurchase. In this case, you'll want to adjust their start date back to their original date of purchase/access to ensure they can continue to access the product's modules/lesson based on their original drip schedule.

Please Note:
The act of creating a new subscription or payment plan through this process will not result in any pre-existing subscription/payment plan being automatically cancelled. You will need to address the cancellation of a pre-existing subscription/payment plan directly.

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