In this tutorial, we will show you how to manage imported products from the My Easy Monogram app. This is a great way to easily edit details of the products in your store.

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Accessing My Products

From the My Easy Monogram dashboard, navigate to Manage Products on the left toolbar and then click My Products

My Products Page Explained

This page shows a list of all the products you have imported into your Shopify Store. Each product line has important details related to the item which we define below:

Title - This is the name of the product.

Inventory - This is the amount of pre-made stock of this item that is ready to ship.

Price - This is the price range that you will pay as a merchant.

Type - This denotes if the product is a stock item or a custom item.

Action - From left to right, there are three actions that can be taken:

  • View - Clicking this will bring you to a product preview page where you can view all the details of the product.

  • Edit - This takes you to a page in which you can edit the product description, view the variants, manually update markup pricing, and view the product images.

  • Delete - This will delete the product from your Shopify Store.

Viewing Product Details

From the My Products page, you can either click on the product title or click on the Edit action on the right of the page.

After clicking on the title or the view button, you will be directed to a preview page of the product. This page is a preview of what will be shown on your Shopify Store.

You can also choose to edit, remove, or open in Shopify. This allows you to make changes to the description, variants, and images displayed. More on this below.

Editing Product Details

From the My Products page, you can click the Edit button on the right of the page to take you to an edit product page.

The Edit Product page allows you to make changes to the product. You can add tags, update the description, view/edit variants, and select which images to display.

Note: do not remove pre-populated tags as these help facilitate production.

Feel free to add tags to this product to make it easier for you to manage your store and make products easier to find for your customers. You can use these to create collections on your Shopify Store and group products together according to interest.

Be sure to save before moving on.

Clicking on the Description tab will open a rich text editor for you to update the description of the product to add your own flare.

Be sure to save before moving on.

If you select the Variants tab you are able to see all the different styles offered in this product. Information here includes SKU, color, size, cost, price, compare at price, and profit.

As you can see, the only editable fields on this page are price and compare at price. While both of these are calculated off of the global and advanced pricing rules defined earlier, you may want to adjust them manually. Feel free to edit these as you see fit.

Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and save any changes you made!

If you click on the Images tab you will be taken to a page showing all of the stock images used for that product.

On this page, you can select or deselect which images to display on the product page.

Be sure to save any changes you made.

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