Ship a Shipment Order

How to ship a shipment order and where the results appear in the system will be handled in this article.

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Shipping a shipment order is simply the last step in fulfilling the order and it's physically sending to the customer. Here is your guide on how you can ship an existing shipment order.

A guide of shipping a shipment order

  • First, navigate to the Shipment Order grid.

    • If you have trouble locating this screen, please use the Search option on the menu bar.

  • Choose a shipment order that you want to ship.

    • Keep in mind that you are not allowed to ship a shipment order as long as it's not in ReadyToShip status.

  • Click on Ship Order in upper right corner.

  • The system will ask you if you really want to ship the shipment order, so click on Yes to proceed.

  • After shipping the order, it can be visible on Shipped Orders tab of Shipment Orders screen along with Shipped status.

    • Keep in mind that you are not allowed to do anything to the shipped order such as updation, cancellation or deletion.

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