MyLogiwa's Basic 3PL Management helps you to manage your customer. Besides warehouse operations and inventory management, MyLogiwa Basic 3PL allows you to give access to your customers to the system.

Don't forget that to have 3PL functionality you need to subscribe Basic 3PL package.

1. Multi-Client Support

Invite your customers (3PL clients) to your MyLogiwa account so as to manage their orders within one centralized system.

To learn multi-client limitations visit our subscription package details.

2. Client Portal

MyLogiwa's client portal allows you to give data secure access to your customers. Thus your customers will be able to:

  • Customers log in with their own user name ad password.

  • A customer sees data that only belongs to him such as orders, inventory, and products, can't see your other customer's data.

  • The Dashboard shows data based on each separated client, such as sales, receiving, order amount, or revenue. Your customer will not have access to any other customer's data.

  • Each report lists data based on each separated client. Müşterinizin başka herhangi bir müşterinin verilerine erişimi olmayacaktır.

3. Different Client Users

MyLogiwa allows you to manage your customers in different access levels.

Mylogiwa Basic 3PL Management has 2 different client users: Admin Client User and Client User.

Admin Client User

Admin Client User type is still a client user but it has more access than ordinary client user. For example, an admin client user can set up client preferences such as Currency or Language.

Client User

It is for standard client users. These users don't have access to see or edit and client preferences but have access to see reports and a few operational functions.

Accessed functionality for user types:

Admin Client User

Client User

Shipment order screen

Shipment order screen

Fulfillment Pipeline screen

Fulfillment Pipeline screen

Shipments screen

Shipments screen

Shipment history screen

Shipment history screen

Purchase order screen

Purchase order screen

Receiving history screen

Receiving history screen

All available reports

All available reports

Client screen

Client settings

Client's user access management

Integration screen access to integrate with channels and carriers

Product settings management

4. Third-Party Carrier Account Management

Mostly for 3PL businesses, the fulfillment provider uses its own carrier selections to ship its client's orders.

MyLogiwa allows 3PL businesses to assign carrier selection to specific clients.

For example, ABC warehouse provider uses ShipStation, and ABC offers its customers to use ShipStation. So, for each customer, there should be created a ShipStation label. To do that, each customer should be allowed to use ABC's ShipStation account. If a customer doesn't have access to use ShipStation account, labels will not be created for the client's orders.

If a client wants to use his own carrier selection, such as FedEx, it's not possible for MyLogiwa right now. But we're working hard and expecting has this feature soon :)

Read this article for more information about carrier integration:

5. Channel Integration for Clients

To create a centralized inventory management system for 3PL businesses, MyLogiwa allows your customers to connect their sales channels to the MyLogiwa account.

Each client can integrate their sales channels to MyLogiwa. Only Admin Client Users can do the integration setup.

Once Admin Client User integrates the sales channels then products, orders, and inventory will be created for the client automatically.

The most important part of the channel integration is settings up the channel configuration parameters for Stock Levels within the channel.

Admin Client Users should be careful about that point while setting up the channel integration to MyLogiwa. Because stock levels on the channels may be created as a stock for the client within the MyLogiwa. This may cause some stock issues within the warehouse.

  • If the " Download Channel Stock" parameter is open, your customer should be %100 sure of the stock levels within the channel.

  • If the " Download Channel Stock" parameter is closed, your customer should send the items to your warehouse first so you can receive them by scanning.

Read this article for details:

You can get in touch with the support team to demand to see a tutorial.

6. Client Based Email Notification

MyLogiwa allows you to arrange email notifications for each client. Users with type Admin Client User can set up email notification frequency for each client.

When a new 3PL client is invited to the system, email notification preference is set " Weekly" automatically. So each client will be notified every Friday about the last week's activity.

Each client's user should set up their own email notification preference to change the "Weekly" frequency.

To learn more about email notification read this article:

7. Client Based Currency Management

MyLogiwa is an international inventory management system. So we care to support multiple currencies within one platform. MyLogiwa allows having different currencies for different 3PL clients. Each client's admin users can arrange their own currency.

For example, client A can sell their products with US Dollars but client B can sell Canadian Dollars within one MyLogiwa account.

When a new 3PL client is invited to the system, currency preference is assigned US Dollar automatically. Each client's user should set up their own currency preference.

Read this article to learn currency settings:

8. Client Based Default Weight Unit and Dimension Unit Management

Each Client sells different types of products. So we're expecting each client has a different default weight unit and dimension unit. Setting up default weight units and dimension units for clients helps to choose the correct unit. When you set up a default unit, every combobox filled automatically with the default unit selection.

When a new 3PL client is invited to the system, the default weight unit and dimension unit are assigned empty for the client. The client should set up unit preferences in the Client Settings screen.

Read this article to learn currency settings:

9. Client Based Automatic SKU Generation

Automatic SKU generation one of the features that MyLogiwa has power. We carry this feature to the client level. Each client can decide to create a product's SKUs automatically.

Read this manual for detailed information about SKU Generation: How Can I create SKU numbers automatically?

Read Client Settings document to set up SKU generation:

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